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Yes, I'm keeping her!
My repair journal Posted by Marc Lindahl on Monday November 18, @02:48AM
from the website dept.

I decided finally to keep this car. So I'm changing from the for sale site to a site with all kinds of info - stuff I've run into as I nursed this car back to health.

There are also pictures and the biturbo shop manual as well as a collection of other relevant files

Have fun!

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    Rats in my spider!
    by Scott Chester on Monday December 27, @05:41AM

    Before I got my 87 Biturbo spider it had been parked in a garage by the previous owner in Atlanta for six months. Sometime over the winter, a rat with very expensive taste in realestate and Italian cars made a home in the engine bay! The rat decided to make it's nest for the winter in the jumble of wires right behind the fuse box. in order to do this it had to chew through the ones that were inconvieniantly in the way. In the records I saw that the car had been serviced like clockwork up to 55,000 miles by the same dealer. The second owner took the car to an exotic car repair shop for it's maintenance. My guess is that after he heard that the problem was electrical, he abandoned the car and it went to a salvage yard. The yard guys decided to make "a quick nickle over a slow dime" and Ebay-ed the car. Before I bend any valves, I need to have the car looked at by a compitant macanic in NewYork Cith somewhere. Who's yer boy in Queens?

    Click to download attachment IMG_5858.JPG
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    • Re: Rats in my spider!
      by peter zaboretzky on Saturday January 01, @03:02PM
      a friend sent me this link i specialize in maseratis and i am located in forest hills queens give me a call 917-650-6408 thanks
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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