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The beginning of the story
My repair journal Posted by Marc Lindahl on Saturday April 26, @01:30PM
from the fed up dept.
This is what I had posted when I was selling the car years ago. Alot has changed since then...
Well, the Maserati is finally at the stage where I'm comfortable selling it. The only real remaining things to be done are cosmetic:

1. the rear bumper (part of the fiberglass ground effects kit) got mashed on the left side, and we started to fiberglass it.... it needs to be sanded and painted. I have the replacement rubber corner already.
2. left tail light is cracked.
3. the paint is worn and faded, especially the roof
4. there are a few little rust spots -- amazingly little for an '85. Unnoticeable unless your up close and looking for them.
5. the leather interior is worn down on the armrest, of course. There are also some cracks in the dash leather in the corners.
6. the hood has some dents in it.

The car is currently in Manhattan (but I might have a place to park it in NJ...we'll see). It registers about 76K miles, but the rebuilt engine has less than 1K.

This car, mechanically, is in the best shape it's been since I bought it, in '91. Of course, the buyer gets the name and phone number of my mechanic, an amazingly nice and extremely knowlegeable individual in Queens, NY. It's thanks to him that this car is in such fine shape. Anyone familiar with the marque knows the hardest thing is finding a competent mechanic. Before this, I had three different knuckleheads (the worst of which was Peter Bostoni of PA, with a close runner-up in Aurora Auto on Bowery), and ended up doing alot of work myself -- amazing what you can find out by reading the shop manual! (which by the way is included, of course!)

I used to drive this car to work every day, 70 miles round trip. I finally feel it's again a real 'runner', a daily driver. I really didn't want to sell it until I was confident of that. I'm attaching a pretty complete repair history of the car... alot of the repairs were 'un-doing' bad repairs from the previous mechanic! Fortunately thanks to my man in Queens those dark days are finally over.

The car has current NJ inspection, etc. (in fact, passed emissions at the state station, so you know it's good!) The Pirelli P-600's have alot of life still in them, the car is finally tight and if you want to feel your head snap back, try taking it from 30mph to 60 at full throttle (or for that matter, from 60 to 100 if you dare!). That intercooler really gives the turbos some sweet air!

more pictures:

newer > picture showing the REAR, including the partially completed fiberglass work (left bumper) and the new rear and side/rear window tinting (and showing the car still in good shape!)

Click here for complete repair history.

Oct. 2001: Some new pictures, interior and exterior. This gives you a good idea of the cosmetic work that needs to be done.

Repair history up to 10/01 |  >


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