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Repair history up to 10/01
My repair journal Posted by Marc Lindahl on Saturday April 26, @01:33PM
from the ancient history dept.
Here's the repair history of the car up to Nov, 2001. Read it and weep :)
Maserati Biturbo 1985 ZAMAL1108FB312866

~ FIxed bad splice in starter relay wire, which was causing occasional hard
starts when car warmed up. Probably that damn Bostoni...

~ Replaced Battery & battery terminals

~ Replaced Carburetor with NEW unit from MIE
~ Replaced air filter
~ Tightened front wheel bearings
~ Passed inspection (NJ)

~ Replaced clutch disk and pilot bearing (pilot bearing was missing - thanks to Mr. Bostoni)
~ Replaced steering rack mount
~ Oil/filter (castrol syntec)
~ antifreeze
~ replaced front/rear brake pads

~ replaced engine mounts
~ replaced alternator
~ replaced emergency brake lever
~ rebuild fusebox
~ fix foglamps, turn signals
~ replaced front struts
~ engine top torn down inspected and brought up to spec
~ valves adjusted
~ installed air-to-air intercooler kit

~ replaced muffler (meineke/warranteed)
~ new battery (strauss/warranteed)

~ replaced timing belt
~ replaced carb. cover, pulley, adjusted

~ replaced right cam pulley
~ replaced starter

~ carb. rebuilt
~ started work on repairing left rear bumper corner fiberglass

~ replaced blown left turbo (blown because Bostoni didn't replaced the vacuum bypass hose)
~ replaced emissions air pump

~ replaced engine with rebuilt (industrial high-strength bearings pressed into cam housings)
work done by Peter Bostoni of PA -- a barely competent idiot as it turns out!
~ replaced cracked windshield

~ broke a valve, due to non-updated oil restrictors in head (Aurora Auto lied about doing it)

~ purchased car from Aurora Auto on Bowery, NYC. Scumbags, as it turns out!

1 turbo (turbos work on either side by turning plate)
1. old fusebox (parts are useful for rebuilding)
1 new horn
various engine plumbing left over from intercooler installation
tool kit
cam pulley tools -- puller and cam locks

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