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engine died!
My repair journal Posted by Marc on Thursday December 15, @12:50PM
from the why does it always happen when you really need the car dept.
Fired up the car for some weekend driving....
And it started up great, which is pretty good since she'd been sitting for 2 weeks, and it was under 20 degrees outside, in the sun. Was idling, a little smoke was evident, then it just faded and died. Wouldn't turn over, wouldn't even budge. Then I noticed a little pool of antifreeze on the top of the block... what the hell! Well, it'll have to wait til spring, now. Lucky it's in my friend's driveway and he doesn't mind. More to come....

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    Re: engine died!
    by Mike Garske on Saturday February 11, @03:08PM
    It is not uncommon to have anitfreeze seep out of one or more of the head studs. No big deal really. I put some stop leak in and sealed it up.
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    • Re: engine died!
      by Marc on Thursday October 26, @10:01AM
      yeah, that's what my mechanic said.... in fact the starter conked out... had that replaced this spring and everything is fine.
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    The Fine Print: The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.
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